Why dehydrated vegetables?

Unlike dehydrated fruit, dehydrated vegetables are mainly used for the purpose of preserving and rehydrating for cooking, however, they can also be dehydrated to provide healthy snack options, as a flavorful addition to salads and various dishes, or even converted into vegetable powders (see our page on Dehydrated Powders).The thing about dehydrating vegetables is that, like fruits, it can help you save money, prevent food wastage and allow you to get the most out of your fresh produce.

  • Buy fresh veggies in bulk or when on special and dehydrate and store them to use down the track.
  • Don’t send veggies that are almost past their prime to the food scraps bin! Instead, dehydrate and then rehydrate to use in meals like soups, stews and rice dishes. 
  • If you’re someone that enjoys a healthy on-the-go snack, dehydrated vegetables are a great option. Think sweet potato, broccoli and kale chips, which will save you money instead of buying pre-packaged varieties at the supermarket. 

Although nothing beats fresh, wholesome veggies in your diet, dehydrating vegetables can retain most of the nutrients found in the fresh variety. The nutritional value can actually be even more concentrated, being that the water content is removed during dehydration, and it can be maintained for a much longer period also. 

Whilst the uses for dehydrated vegetables may not be as varied as dehydrated fruits, there’s still a limitless amount of vegetables that are suitable for dehydrating and deliver both tasty results and numerous health benefits.

Check out our list below.

foods you can dehydrate with our machines and more

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