Why dehydrated powders?

Making dehydrated powders is a great way to get the most out of your fresh produce, save room on food storage and is an easy way to add extra flavour to your meals. When it comes to choosing what foods are best to make into a dehydrated powder, the choices are endless!

  • You can keep it simple with a single ingredient powder—think garlic or lemon.
  • Or you can get creative and make your own customised blends of fruits, vegetables or spices which can be added to soups, used to season meats, sprinkled over desserts, or scooped into your morning smoothie for that extra zing!
  • Another reason why dehydrated powders should be filling the shelves of kitchen pantries everywhere is that we’re all conscious of living a healthy way of life and want to ensure we’re getting the required intake of daily nutrients in our diet. Although dehydrated powders are no substitute for eating a well-balanced diet of whole foods, they can be easily added to various dishes or foods to boost the nutritional levels of what we’re consuming.
  • Did we mention that making your own dehydrated powders can save you money and the planet too? No more supermarket spices, powdered stock, seasonings or even tomato paste—you can now create all of these yourself, which will keep some items off of your shopping list and therefore cut down on unnecessary packaging/waste in the home or business.    

So, where to start? Let’s look at the different types of dehydrated powders and their benefits. 

foods you can dehydrate with our machines and more

dehydrate fruit

dehydrate veg

dehydrate meat

dehydrate herbs

dehydrate pet food

dehydrate powders

dehydrate seafood

dehydrate cannabis

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